Today is Saturday in Bolivia, and it would seem that I’ve gotten over much of the altitude problems I had yesterday. Everything feels better. (man was I in pain yesterday!). Although walking up a flight of stairs this morning still left me breathless.

So the day started at 8 this morning in the market, and all I can say is boy do these people like to get a late start! Nothing really opened until about 10; there were many stores that did not open at all. The day was spent in center city La Paz. I wanted to see the local sites and visit the markets and to try the local street food. After visiting several churches it became clear that Saturday is wedding day. Today was also clearly first holy communion day and baby baptism day. Here is a video clip I shot at the end of today of a marriachi band after a wedding ceremony on the grounds of a church.

My impression of Bolivia is that they do like to keep the streets tidy, there are plenty of public restrooms and there is not a culture of grazing all day long. You know what I mean, people who eat all day long (like me). Breakfast is available only for a couple of hours. Lunch is only available for a couple of hours, and so is dinner. There really is not much of a culture of cafe’s or snacking. So if you want to eat outside the meal window, you might find yourself very much out of luck!

Tomorrow back to Argentina.