So my flight left on time from Buenos Aires to Panama City, Panama. We finally came in for a landing. The airport seemed rather small but I didn’t know what to expect. The airplane pulled up short of the gate, the engines shut down and the flight attendant opened the door. I figured, we were going to have to walk to the concourse, but after a couple of minutes there was an announcment in Spanish. As my Spanish is a bit rough and the announcement was not clear all I caught was “40 minutes” and all the passengers seemed rather… agitated. I figured we were going to have to sit there for a while before being allowed to disembark the plane. But 40 minutes later the engines reved up and the plane pulled away from the building and we seemed to taxi down the runway and then we were in the air! I asked the person next to me “Do you speak English?” “Yes” “Where are we?” “Calli”… I’m like what???? where is Calli? She explained, we had run out of fuel!!!! and so had to stop in Calli for more fuel!!! It wasn’t until I looked in the onboard magazine that I figured out we were in COLUMBIA! Now that’s a first)