Fall is upon us and for those of us who live in places where the trees turn colors it is a great time to be outside taking pictures! This photo tip is about using color and contrast. As you look around for a great picture try to find colors that are striking. For the most part it’s easier to photograph vibrant colors than it is to photograph grey colors or earthtones, but that can work too. Fill up your viewfinder with these vibrant colors… all the way to the edges, then try moving in even closer. Try to get detail shots instead of wide open shots, because the further you back away, the more you will pull in other colors, thus taking away from the color that initially caught your eye. On the otherhand, can you create contrast with the colors that caught your eye? For instance, if there is one oak tree with red leaves in field of dark green pine trees you could very well benefit from backing away to show the pine trees because then they create more emphasis and contrast for the one red tree.


So the bottom line is to ask yourself, “what am I trying to capture and how are the colors helping me express that thought?”


This is a bit of a complex subject so questions are welcome