Last night I started my regiment of mefloquine (the anti-malarial) as we will be in Laos next week; it’s known to be a semi-hallucinogenic drug, although I’ve never felt any affects previously. Soon after taking these pills I the aches and fever came back. Spent part of the night making all kinds of offerings to the porcelain God! From Advil i’m now up to ciproflaxin and pepto; I’m not sure that starting my mefloquine pills was such a great idea; it probably didn’t contribute to the problem but i’m sure it didn’t help.

We flew to Saigon this morning. I spent most of the flight asleep and when I wasn’t, I spent my time fighting the urge to throw up. It’s nearly 20 degrees warmer here than it is in the north. There’s nothing like being sick when it’s hot and muggy out. This stinks.

I’m in my hotel now. Luckily there’s a/c. I’ve sent Mike and Al off on their own for the day and night. I’m hoping the rest will allow me to be better by tomorrow. I came to Saigon to visit family. So it would be a bummer not to do that.