Arrived into Luxor this evening via Cairo. Thus far there is nothing to report. There were a couple of tanks out on the street and saw a few soldiers around with weapons. But that’s not a surprise as the headline in the Egypt Daily News was about how the police has been dismantled by the government; so I take it the army is policing the streets. I think the big news is that it’s really quiet on the streets here in luxor. There were only a few people out on the street at about 8:45 pm.


I’m staying at the hilton “Resort & Spa” Luxor. I saw a total of 4 guests during the entire check in process and the walk to our room despite the fact that they have 236 rooms, there are only 17 which was why we got our room upgraded! As we walked by the very empty bar and restaurant the staff waived as if to say “OMG, guests!”


The lack of tourists is looking rather sad for this place but I must say I think I will enjoy it.


As for the flight here from Damascus via Cairo? Got to fly on Egypt Air in Business/First. I had forgotten what a pleasure it is to fly an international carrier in the front of the plane. In the US for a 2 hour flight it means an extra drink and a couple 2 bags of peanuts instead of 1 (yipper). For the less than 2 hour flight there was a complete meal service and as you can see in the front you get GOLD colored seat belts (those are Zim Air Passengers checking out the seatbelts)! As then for the 40 minute flight down to Luxor? The airline made a mistake and did not check the luggage all the way through. Which meant that I had to retreive my bags, check in, and pass through security again. Which meant that time was short at the Cairo airport. When I got to the “gate” (which was not really a gate, but an extra set of security measures) I asked how much time there was left before boarding the agent said, “oh you have 10 minutes.” So took a bathroom break, came back and handed her the tickets. She looked at the ticket said, “You are flying C Class?” I said yes, “Business.” She said, “EEEhhh, we have ahhh lounge. Why you don’t use lounge?” I said, “yes I know we have access” Agent, “why don’t you go there now?” Me – shrug. Agent, “You can go there and take some food.” Me, “But there isn’t enough time? We have to board?” Agent, “You have unitl 7:30 (20 minutes). Why don’t you go there, and take some something?” She was so insistant it seemed like we would offend her if we didn’t, so we went. Agent, ” Please be back 7;30, don’t be late. I will call you.” And seeing how Egypt Air basically owns this airport I figured the lounge must be good. Aaaahem, NOT!


Tomorrow off to the Valley of the Kings!



Welcome crew at the Hilton Luxor (yes, iced tea, warm towel, and a rose for me!)



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