After going to the valley of the Kings today (where King Tut was found) I have definitely come to the conclusion that I experience things differently with my camera than without it. I pay attention more when I have my camera. I see things differently and as a result they are more interesting to me. The valley of the Kings has a number of tombs which you can visit, and access to the valley is via a main entrance building; there they tell you that you can not bring your cameras at all; and they have x-ray machines checking bags. So there I was leaving my entire photographic equipment for the trip to a stranger! I was not happy.


Although the tombs which I had access were interesting, I must admit I felt cheated. Afterwards I went to 3 more sites where there was open access with cameras and things were looking up! Never did I imagine what a large area this is and how extensive the excavations are. It is interesting that everything in Syria was built by the Romans (or at least what I saw was; now everything is Egyptian and predates the Romans – although there is evidence of the Romans here, it’s just not as impressive)


Ramaseum – a mausoleum

A group of school kids.