Question: Dear Gods, Would it be possible for me to get out of a foreign country without getting sick?

Did not sleep well last night (that’s always bad news), woke up with a headache and nautious. Drove 2.5 hours to my first temple, and started to make offerings to the Gods. (Was wondering why I had not made offerings in the vomitoriams in Syria?), Then made an offering to the Trash Can God, then to another Temple God, the Side of the Road God, and then the Side of a Building God. It would seem that my offerings did not make an impression.

Btw, everyone who has watched me give an offering (like police and security types) have asked if they should call a doctor for me, so we’ve taken to telling them that I may be preggars! It does seem to work. Instead of being all worried they are then all happy with congratulations! OMG.

Only squeezed off a couple of images. So nothing to share. Going bed now. :(

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