Touch down Saigon. After about three years, i’m back. First a one night lay over in Saigon, just enough to get some dinner and some rest before heading to Hanoi in the morning. There I’ll start my project right away. I’m here to document the restoration of one of the most important ancient temples in Vietnam for the Vietnamese Nom Preservation Foundation. More on that after I get to Hanoi.

First up a visit to McD’s in Hong Kong. Gotta love it. Check out this item!

I guess the only way a multinational company can compete is to adapt to the local wants. I think this is a  good adaptation, don’t you?

I know the question begs, what am i doing at McD’s? I wasn’t! Although I have been known to go to McD’s while traveling I don’t usually head there until far into the trip and i need to break up the monotany(sp) of the local food – so back off people! So the long story was this, i had a 2 hour layover in Hong Kong and needed some food. I was really rather pissed off when I thought my only choice was McDonald’s or a place called Lousiana Popeye’s! I did eventually find a noodle shop!

But the airport food court was crowded so i had to share my table with three Chinese speaking women and guess what they were eating? 1 burger, 1 peach pie and 1 chicken drummets order (they have that at McD’s here!) and one of them pulled out this packet! So I stopped at McDonald’s and got me one!

(the zim air passengers)

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