The life of a celebrity travel photographer

Today I continued my shoot at the temple. I am really enjoying discovering the rich history of this place.

Here is a video blog on site.

So after spending time PAINTING. I set up what could be called a catelog shoot. The temple houses some artifacts from a hundred to 6 or 7 hundred years ago and I got permission to shoot them.  SO EXCITING!

So in my life as a celebrity travel shooter I got to shoot things like shards of ceramic something or another.

Look ma, more….

and it did even escalate to these “amazing” plates! Oh yippie.

Look ma, bowls! God just kill me now.

Ok ok, there were a couple of interesting things. These were the ceremonial boots  (or what is left of them) belonging to some king who came to receive the blessings of the then monk before heading off to kill people (I think they call that… war). I think it’s over 500 years old. Very interesting.

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