Got to Hoi An after a very long day.  After the shinanigans at the airport we flew from Hanoi to Danang and got a ride to Hoi An. I really love this town. There’s just something really nice about it and it has some really kick ass food too! Although everywhere you go in Hanoi you find food, its just not like here. And the further south you go the more access to fruits you get. Although Sapa was great, the food there was lackluster at best (compared to this). And my hotel? The “Ha An Hotel in Hoi An” has really one of the best breakfasts around! Vietnamese and western stuff, and lots of it. My travel buddy had chocolate cake for breakfast this morning -hey, you only live once.

I spent the day exploring every street of the old quarter and some of the new quarter too.  And ran into these boys! It was their afternoon break from school. They were … well being boys and screwing around. They saw me sit down next to them and said nothing to me. So I said to one “how old are you?” The boy, looked like he had seen a ghost! He couldn’t believe it! He said, “10. Why do  you speak Vietnamese?” I replied, “because I am.” He said, “You’re Vietnamese?” None of them could believe it. I guess Alien from a distant planet would have sounded better.

After some chit chat I took out the Zim Air passengers and showed them! One boy asked if he could have one! Phew that was close! Almost lost some passengers!

Here’s a video from (obviously) the most popular sandwhich shop in town. Now this is fast food done right! Subway eat your heart out!

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