Yesterday we took the long less traveled road to the City of Tombs near Hue. I can not even begin to describe what I saw and while I was there I knew that there was not a photo I could take that would come close to giving you the size and scope of this place. I’m posting only one photo below. The “City of Tombs” is basically a grave yard. But over the past several years as Vietnamese ex-patriots have returned to attend funerals, bring home ashes of loved ones, etc. they have decided that perhaps the best way to bury the dead is to erect these huge tombs. And while at it, they have also decided that perhaps it would be best to make sure theirs is better than their neighbors’. And so the match ensues. This site goes for what seems to be several miles. It’s absolutely incredible. I just can not begin to describe this site. I wish I could have taken a photo from a helicopter.

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