Although I love being able touchdown in a new place and getting to it right away, I do have to say that red-eyes can be a killer if the person that is sitting behind you likes to play with the back of your seat ALL night! aaaak. this is at least the 10th international flight in a row where the person sitting behind me is  a complete baffoon! People, don’t you realize that there is a person, perhaps trying to sleep in front of you? PPPAAALEEEZ! And then there was the non working overhead light that kept on blinking on and then then off again on it’s own. So while I was sleeping the flight attendants thought they would do everyone a favor by reaching over me to my control thingy to turn off the light, in the mean time waking me UP! AND then discovering that, hey look, it’s malfunctioning! Aaaaaa did anyone think to tell their fellow employees so that the others would not take there turn at this??? OMG.

Ok, so it was a rough flight. I did manage to get a few good hours of sleep in. When I arrived at the Sheraton it was still early yet, about 9 a.m. and of course the room was not ready, but they did offer me breakfast, so they tried at least. Then it was off into town.

So what’s Santiago like? well it’s a lot more Latin America than Argentina was. There was definetely a feeling of warmth and it’s hard to describe, it’s just more latin. Don’t get me wrong about Argentina, the people there were great, but it’s not what you expect when you go to Latin America. Where as Argentina seemed to be a newer version of Europe, Chile seems like a newer version of Latin America. I can not call Chile a third world country by any means and it feels like it has come out of the second world as well, it really is very modern, and has all the trappings/conveniences of a modern country. Atm’s are all over place and people are using them. Credit cards are readily accepted by the smallest of merchants even. And along with all of this are high prices for everything!

As for the sights? I have to say a little bit of a sleeper, much like Buenos Aires, but I had anticipated this. I’m just waiting for to head south to Puntas Arenas and Torres Del Paine where I’ll get to see glaciers and cool things like that again.

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