Well I’m sitting in jury duty at the Queen’s County Central Court room. I’m just waiting. My name has not been called. I’m just waiting, so I’m bored, I have internet access and I thought I would blog, and share some unsolicited opinions.

First I had told myself that I would not write anything on this blog that was of a particularly personal nature, however I just can’t help myself right now. So here goes.

When I tell people I am on jury duty they grunt. They pity me. But I tell them that I want I actually don’t mind. First of all it’s not all that inconvenient for me, the court house is within walking distance from my home. Secondly, they honored my request of doing this now rather than in the summer when I’m busiest. Thirdly, if this is the price I have to pay to have the right of citizenship and residency in this country then it’s a small price! A few days of my life every 4 years? I want to know why I am in a room full of angry and pissed of people? They act like we are being tortured. There are large screen tv’s visible by everyone, and although the “The Price is RIGHT!” is showing…. and there’s limited internet access at the back of the room, and there are only 30 choices of snacks and 10 different drinks in the vending machine… and you are bored out of your mind… but this ain’t torture! Can I just say GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!