Returned from Turkey on Sunday evening and I must say once again, that there is no greater feeling than my own pillow. Although the bed at the Renaissance was perhaps the best bed EVER!  Overall I found Turkey to be a delightful place where the people were extremely friendly overall and some of the sites were breathtaking. It is a culture which is still deeply rooted in the traditions of the past while keeping its eyes focused on the future. It is also a culture which has been  and is informed and influenced by a multitude of others who have passed through it’s territory from conquerers and would be invaders to traders and passers by. It was difficult to figure out what was uniquely Turk but I guess it is the fact that it is a combination of so many things that make it unique.

As I unpacked my things I realized that I was already preparing and packing for my next adventure. In only a matter of weeks I will again be headed off to Asia and I have yet to decide my full itinerary.

I hope to post the final edits from this current trip soon along with more footage which never made it onto the blog.

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