I was just thinking to myself that going through Korea has certainly started to feel more routine and that I pretty much know where everything I really need is, and getting from point A to point B is not an adventure anymore. Only to find that they have shut down the food courts i had come to enjoy; leaving one out of the way restaurant behind with Subways, mc D’s and KFC in tact…. hmmm I think Korea has been bought.

Today I got to the airport early to check my stuff and then returned home for a couple of hours which was great, as i had many last minute things to do. I even got my favorite seat. As i like to work on my laptop on the plane and since i learned to type on a manual typewriter… i pound the keys. Sitting in the exit row i get my leg room and freedom to pound away! The only trouble was i got to sit in front of 2 kids one of whom cried much of the trip. The other kept on kicking my chair. I finally had to have a “little talk” with my little friend! It DID slow down the kicking; but it did nothing to stop the other 10 or so children from taking turns crying on this 14 hour journey or from running up and down the aisles or fighting with one another. To the boy’s mom behind me, I suggested that he play the on board video games to the parent. (Get a hint parents: when there is that much on board entertainment USE IT!). Off to Vietnam in about an hour.

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