Yesterday I became fishfood…literally. After arriving into Kuala Lumpur (aka KL), I decided to take in a massage. They were offering free “15 min. fish bar” with every 1 hour massage. I couldn’t resist. I had heard of this in the states back in the summer and I know that it is big here so I thought I would give it a try. They have this pool with these little fishies (about 1″-3″long) and what you do is you stick your feet in the pool. The fish detect that you are there and then come along to nibble on your dead skin! really! So here’s the not so clear video footage below.

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So what does it feel like? Well it feels like a bunch of fish nibling on your feet… duh! It started out feeling very very ticklish and then it just feel like critters picking at you. They were extremely sensitive to any movement in the water or from the surface. Like if I moved my feet suddenly or waived my hand abruptly above the water they would scatter. At this point you must be wondering what the result was, right? Well I must say that my feet have never felt so clean before. Really! Even this morning my feet still felt really great… just clean. Having said this, the fish did not remove all the dead skin around my heals as I had hoped… So now you know about my feet problems.

Signing off at the airport. Next stop Indonesia.

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