Arrived: Hanoi. What an adventure. Got stopped by immigration for carrying too many cameras – three. Which led to an inspection of all my bags. They sent my luggage through x-ray (again) and discovered that I also had 2 cell phones. Never thought this would present a problem. Guess you are only allowed to bring one into the country but not sure where I would have gotten that information. Never mind the third phone I was carrying in my backpack – that’s the one I use in the states.

Then after deciding that it was okay for me to have this equipment because I am a photographer, they decided that I was carrying altogether too much un-labled medication. Of most concern were the tons of pink pepto chewables and the fiber tablets I had in my bag. They asked what were they for? My reply, “well the pink ones are for when you get the runs and the other ones are for when you take too many of the pink ones.”

After nearly 1 hour and conducting actual chemical analysis of this stuff they let me go on my way. My pre-arranged cab to the hotel had left by that time. Luckily I had one of those cell phones and was able to get him back to the airport!

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