>P> This past week has been filled with work during the day and going to events filled with expatriots or staff dinners at night. Since Saturday I’ve been to a piano recital, a gallery opening (some American Expatriot – who says she has found her home here in Hanoi after wandering the east for many years), then it was a movie debut. (the director, producer and some cast members came) It was a drama shot in Saigon but produced by a bunch of Viet Kieu. Lastly, another gallery opening – actually it was the grand opening of a gallery owned by a fellow born in VN, fled to the US after the war and now has returned to make his home here.

The best part about all of this is that I saw some of the same people at all the events and several at 2 of the events. It’s a small community of ex-pats here and they seem to flock together.