Ok, ok, enough already! After posting Tip #9. People were feeling rather cheated because I had not really put up any advice regarding a Digital SLR. I basically pointed everyone towards getting a Ph. D (Push here dummy) type camera! For most of you it really is the right thing to do. But for those who are still not convinced here is my best advice for a digtial slr. First this is just an opinion, I would advise you do some real research into this yourself.

1. Again, consider what you really like to shoot and what you hope to do with the images! 2. Having settled that, let’s look at the options: plastic body or metal alloy body? For me I like to punish my equipment so I go for the metal body (they are also more expensive and weigh more). Mostly, plastic bodies are made for the amateur market and metal for the pro market. Consider that you are going to be carrying this around. 3. Full frame sensor or not. (full frame is more expensive) Full frame utilizes more of the glass that you are mounting on the camera and not just the center part of the the glass, therefore you need more expensive glass! 4. Ease of use, What do you get when you cross a computer with a camera? Answer, “A COMPUTER”. Look all digital cameras will require that  you read some part of the manual, I’ve now read FOUR, make that FIVE DSLR camera manuals front to back to make sure I got everything; this is no longer the days of film where a camera was a camera, was a camera. So you will have to consider, is this question, ” Is it easy to use?” If you shoot all the time, then you will get used to complicated user interfaces but if not, you will go nutty every time you use this complicated COMPUTER.

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