Remember Uncle Arnie from No Wheresville who, for whatever reason, accompanied you and your family on that three day road trip to Vacation Hell in the heat of the summer? And he would insist on these family photos that would take a half hour to set up in front of that statue with the dead guy riding a horse while everyone melted under the blazing sun? And he had to use this crazy tripod and camera he had carried through the beaches of Normandy? So was it Uncle Arnie or was it your parents who did this?

It is from this type of experience that I advise everyone to more often than not: PUT THE CAMERA DOWN! Step away from the camera and forget about the pictures! Really you ask? Yes really. Most of us take pictures when we are out having fun; fun with our families or our friends; fun on vacation; fun hanging around the backyard. So why let the camera get in the way? Although a picture is worth a 1000 words, more often than not they ain’t and besides every story gets bigger and more elaborate by the year. So put the camera down and enjoy yourself!


There seemed to be some questions about post #2 – Move Back. Some of you just didn’t understand what I was talking about. The point was that you need to consider what you are taking a picture of. What’s the point of focus? Is it the statue or is it the people in front of the statue? Most of the time it shouldn’t be both. So sometimes you should move closer and at other times back. I can’t tell you when you should do what, but the point is you need to decide, this will help get you much better pictures! But remember what I just said above, sometimes you need to just step away from the camera!

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